Hansen Parrots is a family owned aviary that has been breeding and hand rearing exotic birds for over 19 years. We are certified aviculture parrot breeders. Hansen parrots was established in 2001 with over seven employees and a network of people who share the same passion for parrots. We specialized in hand-raised, hand-fed and tamed pet birds. At Hansen Parrots, we offer a variety of colourful parrots. All our birds are human-friendly, playful, smart, energetic, intelligent, and love to interact with everyone around them. We have more than 18 different species of parrots, and some of the common and popular species are; blue and gold macaw, green wing macaw, scarlet macaw, hyacinth macaw, galah cockatoo, umbrella cockatoo, timneh African grey, double yellow headed amazon, blue fronted amazon, white fronted amazon, blue crown conure, crimson bellied conure, sun conure, and black capped conure. We take the health of our birds very seriously as we have a Certified Avian Veterinarian who constantly checks on them to make sure they are healthy. Our birds are fed with the best quality and nutritious foods, which also guarantee healthy living standards. They are bred in pristine conditions in order to prevent them from all pet diseases. Hansen Parrots has received many pet awards for being one of the best parrot breeders in the country, and we will continue to provide the best pet birds to enthusiastic bird families.

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