Hansen Parrots guarantee that all bird(s) are healthy at the time of purchase. Our birds are free from all diseases. We give the buyer 5 days limited health guarantee, this means that if the buyer purchases a parrot from us and within 5 days you discover that the bird is sick, infected or unhealthy, then you are allowed to return the bird back to us. You have to be aware of the fact that we cannot control situations out of our aviary and so, if a bird is infected or ill after the guaranteed 5 days, then there will be no refund. We advice the buyer to have a personal certified AVIAN VETERINARIAN examine the bird(s) within these given days to make sure it is healthy and free from any infectious disease or bacteria.

In cases where the AVIAN VETERINARIAN detects an infection or illness in the bird, you will be asked to return the bird(s) back as soon as possible with a statement from the veterinarian. We will either replaced the bird with another one of same value and characteristics or issue a complete refund of the original amount paid. In an event where the bird(s) dies within the stated 5 days period, the buyer must obtain a necropsy from the Veterinarian stating the cause of death. The buyer also have to put the dead bird in a sealed plastic bag and keep in the fridge (not freezer), return the dead bird back to us. Hansen Parrots will not be liable to any expenses incurred by the Veterinarian. The buyer should be aware that if he or she removes the bird’s leg band, the health guarantee is void. There will be no warranty in the case of an injury caused by the bird itself or any member of the household. With birds, loss of appetite, lack of sleep, fear, being nervous, and stress can cause serious health problems. If the bird is exposed to toxins, cigarette smoke, infectious diseases or other infected birds, then it is possible that it might get infected as well. It is advisable to get the bird checked by a certified AVIAN VETERINARIAN 24 hours after purchasing it to make sure nothing is wrong with it. If a buyer fails to follow the guidelines within 24 hours after purchase, he or she is liable of all damages and therefore the warranty agreement is void. Hansen Parrots offers the best pet products and accessories to healthier happier parrots, and we strives to raised smart, intelligent, interactive, and healthy pet birds. We are very conscious with the health of our birds and we do everything possible to provide the best parrots to pet enthusiasts.