Our Testimonial

I got a blue crown conure from you guys and my life has not been the same ever since. The bird has changed my entire life and perception on parrots. I never imagine that he will be this cute and adorable but now i know. This little feathered friend is the most important thing in my life right now. I go everywhere with him and i feed him with the foods i got from you. My experience with Hansen Parrots is a memorable one because you guys treated me like family, gave me the necessary advice about the bird and Hansen himself always call to check on us. I am proud, we are proud of being part of this amazing parrot journey and we will continue to offer our support to this wonderful local pet shop


I just want to appreciate Hansen Parrots for their incredible hospitality. These guys are just the best breeders in Texas. They are extremely professional and know exactly what they are doing with birds. We got a pair of Congo African grey parrots from them and since then our home has never been the same as we feel so happy to live with these little cute pet birds. African greys are the best companions to all pet enthusiasts and i advice everyone to visit Hansen Parrots shop for your feathered friends.

satisfied client


GREAT PET SHOP! I got my little baby boy Allen from here, and he is the sweetest little feathered friend anyone can have at home. The customer service was superb, it took me very little time to get my bird delivered and i want to thank Hansen Parrots for giving me this opportunity.

happy client


I was searching for a feathered friend on the internet when i stumbled on Hansen Parrot’s website, i called them immediately and they offer me all the necessary information i needed to know about my blue and gold macaw, we agreed that i will pick up the bird at their shop in Nevada Texas the following day. When i got to the shop the next day, i saw so many beautiful and colourful parrots, but i decided to go for a baby blue and gold macaw because my family has been looking for one ever since i was young. We are so grateful Hansen Parrots finally solved our bird hunting problem.

happy client


We received our baby green wing macaw from Hansen Parrots just four days after placing the order. These guys are extremely fast, efficient and reliable. My kids are are very happy now and this thanks to to Hansen Parrots. The little feathered friend is the cutest and most charming thing you can ever imagine. He interact and accepts everyone in the household and that alone is reason why i want to say a big THANK YOU to Hansen Parrots for a job well done!

happy client